Michal Bajsarowicz

Fig 1, Bajsarowicz, Akt

Fig 1a, Bajsarowicz, Akt

Fig 1b, Bajsarowicz, Akt detail

Fig 1b, Bajsarowicz, Akt detail











The Artist 

Bajsarowicz was born in Drawsko, Poland in 1963. After studying art at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland, he obtained a diploma at Bodgan Wagner’s studio. Since 1987 he has exhibited in Galleries in Poland, France, Germany and Austria.

He lives and works in Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland

The Artwork

 I met Michal Bajsarowicz at an international spine congress in Warsaw in October 2009. He had been invited to show some of his works and I was immediately drawn to the way he captures the moving body. It is not like a snapshot but more like taking a single frame from a movie – stillness and speed at the same time. ‘I paint very quickly’ he explains. ‘If it is not perfect, I don’t like it and throw it away’. It is not difficult to believe this! His basic art form is drawing but none of the dynamic movement is lost in his paintings. What strikes me most is the accuracy, which he captures the human body with. Not the anatomical detail of an idealised body – just the way we are, the way we move and express ourselves.

‘The eruptive crushing force of Michal Bajsarowicz’ creations comes from inside – from his experience. His characters are presented in peculiar poses and they show great power of expression, much greater than the classical ‘ academic’ nudes.’ (Dr Peter Eichler-Dixon)

After acquiring one of his paintings (Fig 1), I asked him for some drawings, which he did over night. The result was a wonderful series of 3 nudes in different poses (Fig 2).   

Bajsarowicz, drawings

Fig 2a, Bajsarowicz, drawings 2009

Bajsarowicz, Drawing 1, detail

Fig 2b, Bajsarowicz, Drawing 1, detail